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"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."  Thomas Jefferson
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  "There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance." -- Goethe

"The search for truth is never wrong.  The only sin is to lack the courage to follow where truth leads." -- Duke

"He alone deserves to be remembered by his children who treasures up and preserves the memory of his fathers." -- Edmund Burke



Map of Europe from around 1300

Caucasians have a history.  It's unique to us as White people.  We should be proud of that history and heritage.  This site will tell you things that your school history books never did and never will.

It will take time to read all the information contained on this site

Get yourself a nice, warm cup of tea.  How about some dark chocolate?  It's cancer fighting, you know!  You're about to learn the wonderful  history of your people!

* * * * *

Ask any school child and they will tell you that Columbus discovered America.  And while that's not exactly accurate he is the one who is credited with "discovering" the Americas.  This section will give you some truth about Columbus.

These same school children can probably even tell you that the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower.  Yet again, how much do you know about the history of the Mayflower Pilgrims?  You're about to learn!

Everyone knows that the first Thanksgiving was eaten with the Indians.  But do you know the truth behind Thanksgiving?  We bet that you don't.  You'll learn about our first Thanksgiving.

Can the average school child tell you WHO these Pilgrims were or where they came from?  Some can tell you that they came from England, which is accurate to a point.  They could even tell you that the Pilgrims came to America because they didn't like it in England.  Only partially accurate.  Adults and some children will tell you that they left England because of religious persecution there.  Which is true...partly.  But not accurate for why the Pilgrims came to the New World!  How many people know that the Pilgrims were in Holland for ten years before they came to America?  Not very many.  You're going to learn more...much more...if you're willing to learn.

We challenge you to find one school child, or even high school student, who can tell you that the Dutch were in the Americas....the French and the Spanish.  And most adults can't tell you why Canada and the United States are separate countries.

Now go further back.  The United States of America was founded by people from Europe and of European descent, for the most part.  If it wasn't for the natives that were already here when the Europeans arrived (and the Africans that we foolishly imported) no other racial type of any number would have been in the Americas until the Chinese arrived for the 1849 California gold rush and to help build the rail road in the mid 1800s. 

Where did these Europeans come from?

Again, ask a school child.  Very few could tell you that America's founders were made up of people from not only England but Germany, Sweden, Norway, Holland, France, and a host of other European countries. 

We guarantee you, probably none of those school children could tell you where the people in those European countries came from before they were in Europe!  Most adults couldn't tell you.  Do you know?

You're about to learn!

Every people has a beginning, an origin.  Here's what you won't learn in school history books.

The complete history of America and the White Race

We're going to start differently then you're used to.  Be prepared to have your eyes opened and learn history that your teachers won't tell you

Many references were used to gather this information both online and off.  We suggest you start by doing a google search of each country if you wish to do your own research.

Be careful with Wikipedia, they're biased against our people so use them with care

Let's start with United States Immigration.  This will be a real eye opener!


Are you surprised by what you learned?  Shocked?  Mad?  Frustrated?  Join the club!

Now let's learn about Christopher Columbus.  What?!  Think you already know about him?  Well, think again!

Christopher Columbus

Isn't it fun learning new things!

Do you know who the first country to explore America was...besides the Vikings.  Let's learn about the


Now we're ready to learn about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower, including our first Thanksgiving.


Surprise, surprise!  Not what your school history books taught you, is it.  Amazing how history changes when God is taken out of the equation.

How about we learn a little about Jamestown and the 13 original colonies.  Remember, the Pilgrims came in 1620 but Jamestown was founded in 1607 so they were first!


Next let's learn a little about the individual countries that made up the Pioneering and Colonial America. 

    England  Ireland  Scotland  Germany Sweden  Norway  France  Netherlands Denmark

These countries were secondary to Colonial American immigration.  For instance, Icelandic and Finnish immigrations started quite late.  But their histories are important to our White Heritage so we list them here.

Finland  Iceland  Italy  Austria  Russia

Of course, we can't forget the histories of other important White countries.  Canada, our neighbor to the North is important.  Australia and New Zealand are kissing cousins.  South Africa is vital to remember but but others are important also.

Australia  New Zealand Canada South Africa  Swiss  Baltic States  Poland  Czechoslovakia

Ancient White civilizations now in decline:    Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece  Ancient Rome

Now we can hear you asking, Where did they come from?  These people didn't just appear on the European continent.

Every people has a beginning!

We're now going to answer that question

The answer is in the archaeological and historical record

Early White History



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In no way should the information on this web site be used as an excuse for hatred, violence or to commit any illegal act against any person of color

This site is about information and education of White people and the preservation of our unique Heritage

Be Respectful and Polite at all times

Remember -- Truth is not Racist, Facts are not Hate!

Act accordingly