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"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."  Thomas Jefferson
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  "There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance." -- Goethe

"The search for truth is never wrong.  The only sin is to lack the courage to follow where truth leads." -- Duke

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You can't imagine how difficult it is to find information for this page of our site.  We know that the Germans were as human as the Allies.  We also know that they committed acts that could be considered atrocious during the war.  But separating the lies from the truth after all this time is very difficult.  This page will only list what we believe to be true.  We have purposely left off individual military unit massacres, there were a handful of those from every side.  We've listed some of the most heinous.

Riga, Latvia, 1941

Hitler wanted the Jews out of Europe.  His "Madagascar plan" was put on hold due to the war.  Therefore, due to the Jews now being enemies of the state, they now became Hitler's labor force.

There was never any word from Hitler of massacring Jews

On October 15, 1941, the Jewish exodus from central Europe to the eastern territories began.  But by that time millions of Jews had already left German controlled lands for the west, some went to the United States and Great Britain.  Some went to Israel.  Tens of thousand went to South America and other countries.  These were the young, healthy, and wealthy Jews.

The Jews deported to the east went to Minsk, Warsaw, Kovno, Lodz and Riga.  At first they were set up in ghettos and then later camps.  Heinrich Heim stated that when Hitler was told that Allied radio broadcast an announcement that the Jews were being exterminated he commented in exasperation:

"Really, the Jews should be grateful to me for wanting nothing more than a bit of hard work from them."

There is no documentary evidence that Hitler was aware of what was befalling the deported Jews.  He set them up in work camps.  When he heard that some were being murdered, he immediately put a stop to the atrocities.  Hitler said to Hans Lammers, "I don't want to be bothered with the Jewish problem again until the war is over."  Hitler still planned on sending the Jews out of Europe once the war was over.

The gauleiters (regional Nazi party leader -- local men) along with Heydrich were interpreting what they decided Hitler meant by "final solution" of the Jewish problem.  Hitler meant removal from Europe.  Heydrich was impatient.

What we know for a fact is that Heydrich with the help of the local gauleiters had several thousand Jews murdered at the train station upon arrival in Riga.  How many is unknown.  Himmler was forced to stop the murders.  On November 30, 1941, Himmler dictated to Heydrich an explicit order that a trainload of Jews from Berlin was not to be liquidated.  Probably by then 5000 Jews had been shot to death in pits a few miles outside of Riga.

Hitler's headquarters, upon hearing of the massacres, issued an order at once intervening and halted the mass shootings.  Two radio messages were sent to the SS police commander at Riga warning of punishments for any further "arbitrary and disobedient acts."

But by then thousands were dead.  But how many? 

for more information see


Oradour-sur-Glane, France 1944

By the spring of 1942, communist militants were operating in regions of France.  They organized into groups of Maquis, communists and socialists working independently to attack German forces, mainly through sabotage.  They would attack bridges, telephone lines and railway tracks.  These communist Marquis became known as the French Resistance and the German Army began a policy of reprisals against civilians who tolerated or even aided them.

On June 5, 1944, Genera Eisenhower asked the BBC to send out coded messages to the communist resistance asking them to carry out acts of terror during D-day in order to help Allied forces.  The communist Maquis did just that, attacking the German garrison at Tulle on June 7 killing 37 German soldiers and wounding 25.

The Germans had had enough of the communists.  They surrounded the village of Oradour-sur-Glane and a unit of soldiers from the Waffen SS entered the village and instructed everyone to assemble in the central marketplace.  The women and children were separated from the men.  The men were divided into groups, moved to various barns and garages, and executed.  Only five survived.

The women and children were placed in a church and the church was then blown up.  Only one woman survived as she crawled out a window.

The village was then destroyed.  A total of 642 people were killed, not all from the village.  Around 80 residents of Oradour survived.

After the war, the French government decided to preserve the entire town as a memorial.  A new town was built nearby.


Oradour-sur-Glane after the Germans left the village on 10th June, 1944



As we've said, it's difficult to know what to list when it comes to German war crimes.  Every side did terrible things.  But the propaganda against the Germans is overwhelming.  Wikipedia has a list of war crimes on all sides.  Look them be the judge.



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